Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Foolproof Future

Would you like your plans to be future proof?  Get the Foresight Tool - a web-based strategic foresight tool.  Its trend radar visualizes which trends and megatrends will shape your future. 
"Once your radar is in place you will operate on a new level of future awareness. You will implement actions inspired by future foresight and you can continue to monitor the key trends that will impact you. Revisit your future radar on a regular basis and evaluate latest developments. It’s easy to update your project’s foresight radar view as key trends develop further or new drivers of change emerge".
Patrick Dixon's site is GlobalChange.com. In his banner are the site stats - 15.5 million unique visitors, 6 million video views.  The summary trends start with "Truth About ..." and "Future of"

What about the title of his book: "The Future of Almost Everything: Six Faces of the future Cube" - there are dozens of predictions to check out HERE.   However for me the experience became overwhelming and everything seemed so generalized.  I ended up skimming through the text. 

So I asked something more specific - the future of food. Now we start to see the magic of the future.

3-D printed food made its debut at London-based Foodini Ink. 
 Foodini is a 3D printer for foodstuffs. Its Florida-based makers are hoping their time-saving device becomes as ubiquitous on kitchen countertops as the microwave oven has become. Read the CNN story HERE.  The company is working with major food manufacturers to create pre-packaged plastic capsules that can just be loaded into the machine to make food, and they assure these will be free of preservatives, with a shelf life limited to five days.

This goes together with IoT - "the Internet Of Things".  More on that tomorrow.

The spring flowering bulbs finished yesterday in the garden - tulips and daffodils are completed for another year. 

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