Sunday, April 29, 2018

Photo Spritzing

I have wondered how it is that some public holidays never made it to North America.

May Day is a northern hemisphere celebration of Spring.  It is such a great tradition, there is even the verb "Maying".  In France,  lily of the valley are blooming, so a sprig is the traditional gift.  

In the U.S. May Day was loathed by the Puritans who came over.  It was considered a 'fleshy indulgence'.  There is some activity today, although nothing like the big celebrations in Europe. Wikipedia says that on the morning of May 1st, various Morris Dancing troops from Toronto and Hamilton gather in High Park to dance.  

I travelled to Barrie yesterday for a water droplet workshop.  This was with Don Komarechka.  His site is Donkom - and you can see his superlative water droplet images there.  He is extremely well known for snowflakes. His Snowflake print shows 400 unique snowflakes.  Every image takes many shots (about 50) to create everything clear.  His site says it took 2500 hours over the span of 5 years.  

We had a great time spritzing water onto little dandelion seed heads set against gerbera daisies in the background.  This makes the gerbera show in the water bubbles and gets these wonderful colours in the drops. 

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