Monday, April 9, 2018

Life Experiences with Elvis

If I were a younger person, would I use this service? will help me find an 'experience' and send it as a gift.  If we look at the Lifestyle section, there are experiences such as:
  • Axe Throwing in Saint Anns
  • 30 Day Yoga Adventure - For Two
  • Learn to Shop like a Pro
  • Home-staging to sell OR Home-staging to stay
My own idea is the following:  Did you know that there is a Niagara Falls Elvis Festival from April 20 - 22?  This is its second year.  There are gala shows, an Elvis Competition, delicious food, fun times and cool surprises, according to the website.  And then there is the Niagara Falls, with its thunderous water, flowers, and attractions.

How many Elvis Festivals are there?  There's the Official Elvis Festival, at Lake George, New York.  There's one in Collingwood, Las Vegas, Texas, Georgia, and more.  Did you know that the largest festival is in Collingwood, Ontario?  It's in July.  If we were visiting Australia, the festival is January 9 - 13th next year.    There is an Elvis Week in Memphis in August.  It includes a candlelight vigil celebration.  Or watch the coverage here and see Elvis' comeback performance. 

There's so much Elvis to go around that there is Elvis Radio - it is a station that plays Elvis 24/7.  That's a lot of Elvis music having been recorded.  Quora lists 523 albums and approximately 784 songs.  

Some pretty pink lilies today.

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