Saturday, April 28, 2018

How long is 146 inches of TV?

There is now a TV that is 146 inches long.  It produces deep blacks with impressive brightness. It is MicroLED.  This was introduced by Samsung this year along with a massive 34 foot cinema display.  It is intended to replace projectors and screens in commercial theatres.  

"Like OLED, MicroLED creates its own light — it is an emissive display —  so it isn’t subject to the pitfalls of conventional LED televisions, which are really just LCD TVs with LED backlights. Because MicroLED is not organic like OLED, it doesn’t suffer any of OLED’s pitfalls, including limited brightness and potential burn-in under extreme watching conditions".

What about LG's 65-inch rollable TV?
"After two years of watching white-gloved LG Display engineers gingerly roll up prototype OLED panels, the company has finally created a functioning roll-up OLED TV. Of course the idea of being able to roll up your TV, throw it in your backpack and take it wherever you want is a fun, futuristic idea, but LG has found a more practical application for a rolling OLED television. It is both literally and figuratively the most flexible TV ever made.  You can see how it works HERE.

Today, we're looking at models from the Denver Narrow Gauge Railway Convention. Can you imagine what these would look like on a screen 146 inches long!

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