Thursday, April 19, 2018

Do you want to click the screen and see what they look like now?  The heading is: Remember these celebrities?  Take a Deep Breath Before You See What They Look Like Now.  

I definitely want to take a look.  Even though I don't know who this celebrity is.

The picture beside the celebrity has this heading:  20 Haunting Photos Taken Just Before Tragedy Struck. The picture shows a young woman hanging handily from the other side of a cliff with the ocean far down below.  We can assume she fell off.  I definitely don't want to click on this article.

There's one that got my attention a while ago and I did scroll through:  Father and Son took the same picture for 29 years, but in the last photo everything changed.  This comes from and various others - many sites picked it up.

There's a fast scroll at  It is the story of a yearly picture of Tian Li and his father starting in 1986 on his birthday.  The last photo shows three generations in 2015 with Tian Li's son Timothy.  

Something to notice are the differences between the photos in the different sources.  I wonder how that happens and whether there's a bit of foolery going on.  I even admit that I wonder if these sorts of stories are true or fabricated, etc.  

So I did a little more work and find that Tian Li, the son,  is now a film director.  It has a quote from him.  I found the Poitiers Film Festival listed COLOUR WATER by Tian Li. You can see the listing HERE. 

I found a similar story on this theme. It comes from and is the story of a father and daughter posing together for 35 years. 

Today's a train day with two remarkable models in the contest room at Denver last year.

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