Thursday, March 22, 2018

Where To?

We have an obsession with vacations.  Would your life advice be which 10 places to visit before a person dies?  That's what the life advice question retrieves   - trips to take.  

How should a person decide which place to visit?  For example, where would a person go to visit the most heritage sites in the world?  As of July 2017, there are 1,073 world heritage sites.  There are cultural, natural and 'mixed properties'.  The country with the most sites is Italy - with 53 entries.  China is second with 52, Spain third with 46.  One can get a lot of culture in with one visit. 

One can find a website to help one choose. The website has a simple quiz to guide a person through the decision.  It has 6 categories.  These are:  Vibe, Activities, Geography, Weather and Budget per person.  Here's the site HERE.  It is quick and fun.  One retrieves a long list of cities with a few catchy sentences about each one.  I might take the advice to check out Niagara Falls.  No need to get in an airplane for this vacation, and the budget is under $100.   Heres what jokesforus has to say about vacations:

Where do math teachers go on vacation?
To Times Square.

Where do crayons go on vacation?

Where do sharks go on holiday?

Where do sheep go on vacation?
To the baaaaaahamas. 

Gardens are pretty messy this time of year.  When we visited Longwood Gardens in February, this plant caught my attention with its curious winter foliage. It is Agave-leaved Eryngium, with the common name is Sea Holly.

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