Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snow in Cambridge - UK vs ON

Marshall McLuhan brought alive the expression "the Global Village."  He went to Cambridge to earn his Doctorate.  He had both a BA and an MA at the time, but Cambridge required him to enrol as an undergraduate with one year's credit towards a three-year bachelor's degree.  He went on to get his Doctorate.

Yesterday, in Cambridge England, they had a heavy snowfall and all the schools are closed today.  It seems more likely that there would be snow in Cambridge Ontario.  The global village has made these places with duplicate names readily available.  How confusing can things be?  Today there's a snow alert for Cambridge ON, with an expectation of heavy snowfall.  Perhaps schools in Cambridge, ON will be closed tomorrow.

If we are searching for Spanish place names, there are many occurrences around the world.  Our top place name is 
San Jose.  There are 1,716 localities that share this name.  See all the countries in the Wikipedia entry HERE.

Here are the rest of the top ten:
sSan Antonio- 1, 691

Santa Maria- 1,246
Santa Rosa- 1,212
San Pedro- 1,191
San Juan- 1,166
San Francisco- 1,017
San Miguel- 989
San Isidro- 892
La Esperanza- 852

The top city names in the U.S.A. are:
1. Washington - 88
2. Springfield - 41
3. Franklin - 35
4. Greenville - 30

Canada's top name is Long Lake (204 places) with Mount Pleasant (16 places) second. 

Today we're riding the rails in Strasburg, PA. There's a Strasburg, ON without the steam.

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