Saturday, February 24, 2018

Black Fly Blood Feeding

What will we do after the Olympics?  They've taken a fair amount of our attention and time.

We can turn to the Listings in Now Online.  A
long the top and bottom of NOW's display are advertisements for marijuana creams.  This is the first time I've seen ads for marijuana rather than news articles. 

The listing is very long - there are many things to do in Toronto this weekend.  Which ones could take our attention away from the Olympics?
  • The Sinners Choir at The Rex
  • Naked Yoga for Men at Awaken Studio
  • Dancing with Parkinson's Jitterbug Social
  • Black Fly Blood Feeding Evolution at U of T

I am curious about the Sinners Choir.  I find that they will be at the Toronto Jazz Festival this year June 22nd - July 1st.  "The Sinners Choir is a trio comprised of three generations of seasoned Toronto sidemen with a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of Roots/Americana, The Sinners Choir have a fresh sound that still pays homage to the music that shaped it".

Perhaps more arresting is the headline of the Toronto Entomologists' Association talk by Mateus Pepinelli on Black Fly Blood Feeding Evolution: "Black flies are a generally despised and greatly misunderstood group of insects. Known mostly for their biting abilities, black flies are the remarkable end-product of a long period of evolution. While adult females are generally feared for their bloodsucking activity on birds and mammals, the larvae are important parts of the streams and rivers in which they live".

Today's pictures are scenes from Colorado. 

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