Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Most Unpopular Day of the Year, perhaps

We're coming to the end of February.  It is the most unpopular month, and has been that way for decades.  That is, for us in North America.

So this coming Tuesday, we might experience the pinnacle or the depth of unpopular moments.  Tuesday is the least favourite day of the week.  This makes Tuesday, February 27th a noteworthy day in our year.

I didn't think of Thursday as the second most unpopular day of the week.  Yet it is.  We could guess that Friday is the most popular day - the anticipation of the weekend gives it the number one spot as the favourite day of the week.  Someone knew this when they named their restaurant TGI Fridays.  The name makes me think of Ground Hog Day, the movie, and all there are in this restaurant is Fridays for days of the week.

Little did we know that Friday has a number of distinctions amongst the other days of the week. It is the most dangerous day of the week.  Research suggests a person is more likely to die when having surgery later int he week.  Accident claims are highest for Fridays.  All kinds of dangers now lurk on Fridays:  Friday is the most likely day to be subjected to a phishing attack.  Even politically, Friday stands out:  war seems to be declared more often on a Friday.  Dictators take over on Fridays.  

Is there a luckiest day of the week?  Or perhaps there is a luckiest hour of the day. The answers to these questions tumble into zodiac signs, numerology, and gambler musings on the internet.  

We're visiting the Denver Aquarium today in our pictures. 

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