Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Severe Weather Ceremony Cancelled Due to Severe Weather

Our headline is a real headline from the weather network today.  It appears that in Topeka, Kansas a "severe weather ceremony" was canceled due to freezing rain and ice.  The proclamation to be signed was about the importance of severe weather preparedness.

The Weather Network was having some fun. What about the headlines at the side. Here's the link:

Need snow removed in Russia?  Put Kremlin critic's name in it

(This is about spray-painting the opposition leader's name on the snow, and it gets removed promptly)

Read grasshopper found embedded in Van Gogh painting

(From October 2017: 
“It is not unusual to find insects or plant material in a painting that was completed outdoors,” said paintings conservator Mary Schafer in a statement. “But in this case, we were curious if the grasshopper could be used to identify the particular season in which this work was painted.”)

Your forecast:  Sunny, chance of 100-km-swath of butterflies

(From October 2017:  "After putting out the call for help from birdwatchers on Twitter, the curious forecasters were able to determine the cause of the signal - a swath of Painted Lady butterflies some 110 km wide, spanning the entire width of Arapahoe County, east of Denver".)

More from our Niagara Butterfly Conservatory.

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