Saturday, February 3, 2018

Repeat Again

This is Groundhog Week!  The Groundhog Day movie is a movie on the theme of repetition.  What about unnecessary repetition?  Wouldn't that be what redundancy is?  Do you think Bill Murray's character felt the repetitions were redundant? Here are expressions that could be termed 'groundhog moments' in celebration of the movie.  Redundant is what they are:
  • a moment in time – A moment is essentially a period of time.
  • ATM machine – ATM already stands for “Automated Teller Machine”
  • true fact – By definition, facts are true.
  • join together – How else would something join?
  • free gift – Because when’s the last time you had to pay for a gift?
  • added bonus – The word bonus indicates something outside of what’s expected, so of course it’s added.
  • end result – Results always come at the end.
  • final outcome – Related to the above, an outcome signifies the end, or finality.
  • plan ahead – Planning always refers to the future, or what’s ahead.
  • repeat again – Ah, the irony here!
  • close proximity – To be close to something is to be in proximity.
  • past experience – Experience refers to what has happened in the past.
  • most unique – Unique implies there’s nothing like it, so one cannot compare it to something else.
  • rise up – When rising, there’s no other way to go but up.
  • the reason why – A reason explains the why.
  • new innovations – An innovation is something that did not exist before, i.e., it is new in and of itself.
  • unexpected surprise – If you were expecting it, it wouldn’t be a surprise.
  • advance notice – When giving someone notice, you’re always doing so in advance.
What redundant phrase do you find yourself using most often? Are you having Groundhog moments? This wonderful list is courtesy of 

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