Friday, February 2, 2018

I had no idea - it is Groundhog Week! (not day)

This is Groundhog Week!  How could I have missed that it has now become a week rather than a day.

We can watch the Groundhog Day festivities live from Wiarton.  Or we can remember the great movie Groundhog Day.

I consider this a National Observance Day of some sort.  That's because this is the informal celebration of the movie Groundhog Day as well.

Do you remember last year when  we found out what Harold Ramis during filming thought were the number of years in the loop?  First it was 10,000, then 10, then 30 to 40 years.  The rationale ranges from how many years to evolve to the next level of spirituality, to how many years it takes to master a major skill such as a language or playing piano.

This is the current popular calculation - 12,395 days - 33 years in the loop. 
Here's how this was calculated:
Learning the sequence: 42 days
Find Cowboy Outfit: 1 day
Watching Heidi 2 at the movies: 100 days
The Seduction of Rita: 4 days
Becoming fluent in French: 4380 days
Date fails: 8 days
The Suicides: 20 days
Learning ice sculpture: 3833 days
Card flipping: 180 days
Learning the piano: 3833 days
Total: 12,395 – or 33 Years, 350 days
So we have a special "National Observance Day" - it is a combination of celebrating our Canadian contingent of the original Saturday Night Live Troupe in this classic movie and Canadian Groundhog day.  Two great Canadian traditions.  

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