Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Foggy Morning after Torontohenge

The fog descended on our house about 30 minutes ago.  The street light is barely visible, and where is the light in the window across the street?  I am witness to the alert in effect of 'near zero visibility in fog is expected or occurring.'  And a few minutes later, it seems to have passed through.  

As I looked at the weather forecast, I discovered that this weekend had a remarkable occurrence. The sun's position in the sky lined up perfectly with some Toronto streets - this is called Torontohenge.  In Manhattan, it is called Manhattanhenge.  

There's coverage of it here on the weather news network.   The article with the map of streets is HERE.

Here's another blog - Dailyhive.com - what a great picture with everyone standing in the middle of King Street watching the sun and taking pictures.  There's even a picture of a person lying across the streetcar tracks taking a picture of cars coming towards him. 

It is like Stonehenge with the magic of the reflections on the buildings and the street.  The next one is April 22/23, then August 19/20, and the final one for the year is October 23/24.

And our pictures today come from Santa Fe.  The adobe colours show up everywhere, including the street curbs where peeling, crusted paint makes for colourful abstracts.  Our last image is the town's most famous Mexican eatery.  I took this picture well before 7:00am.  People were lined up for breakfast soon after. 

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