Friday, January 19, 2018

Wintermission Soon

Remember the Portmanteau?  What is Wintermission?  The Weather Network says it is coming to us shortly.  What are we getting?  We are getting an unseasonably low-temeratured day or days, sandwiched by two days of milder temperatures.

So I guessed it is a combination of winter and intermission.  Although it could also be a combination of winter and remission.

Wintermission shows up in google searches back to 2007 - with the headline name that season. (see below).

There are now numerous winter festivals using the name - in St. Paul, MN there are shows, signature winter drink competitions, outdoor movies, and snowy fun runs.

Promotional lines for vacationing in Orlando abound: Break the ice with a #wintermission in the park - that is, an Orlando park.  So now it typically has become an expression for taking a vacation - from a winter climate to a warm climate.

What about this term - Wintermittent?  The Toronto Star had a story in February 2007 ' Name that season. They challenged readers to come up with a new name for winter.  Wintermission was the winner.  The close second was Wintermittent - "It also contains the words mitten and tent.  Wintermittent may entice you to go camping, or, on the other hand, you may need your mittens!"
Are there Wintermittent and Wintermission jokes?  No, none found.  More interesting is that the google search comes up with weekly diet menus for weight loss - "best vegetarian diet next to how to gain wintermittent fast on low-fat" - nonsense sentences inserting one's search term as an expression.

Here are a few winter weather jokes:

We had to chop up the piano for firewood - but we only got two chords. 

The snowstorm arrived at a fortuitous moment. It was white on time.

If you are going to play cards in a snowstorm, shovel your deck.

We pulled everything out of the freezer and huddled inside it to warm up! 

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