Monday, December 4, 2017


What are December's flowers?  We would answer Poinsettias and Amaryllis.  
The flower of the month for December is Holly and Narcissus symbolizing sweetness, self-esteem and vanity.  Wikipedia lists the British December flower as Poinsettia, symbolizing good cheer, success.

The language of flowers has mostly left us now.  There was a time when floriography was a popular art.  It is a cryptological communication through the use and arrangement of flowers.  It was practiced in traditional cultures throughout Europe, Asia and in the Middle East.  Interest in floriography soared in Victorian England and the United States during the 19th century.  Coded messages to the recipients allowed the sender to express feelings which couldn't be spoken aloud in Victorian society. They exchanged small 'talking bouquets', called nosegays or tussie-mussies. To make a bouquet today, go to

Ilona quotes a press release from the Royal Palace:

“The bouquet is a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth. The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers”

I've looked up each flower:
Myrtle - love
Lily of the Valley - return of happiness
Sweet William - grant me one smile
Hyacinth - Unobtrusive loveliness

Our bonsai trees today are located at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Museum near Seattle in Washington. 

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