Friday, December 15, 2017

Niagara's Old Smokey

Niagara is home to many wineries but Rosewood is special - it produces honey and mead along with wine.  The family has been beekeeping for three generations.  This story was in their newsletter yesterday - a story worth sharing.

The result of a series of (un)happy accidents, Old Smokey began as liquid honey & with a quick slip of the hand it was accidentally completely burnt.  In the spirit of experimentation we decided to ferment it dry. Following fermentation it was matured in tank for over 1.5 years before the refrigeration truck it was being stored in malfunctioned, dropping the internal temperature to Arctic like conditions - completely freezing the mead. Thinking we were going to completely discard it after thawing, we were curious to taste this enigma. To our surprise, the mead tasted better than ever! We transferred it into french oak barriques for several months to allow the journey to continue.

To finish, it was aged in freshly emptied Kentucky Bourbon barrels for the last 6 months. Bottled at 19% abv, unfined and unfiltered, we expect this mead to continue aging gracefully for many years to come.

Old Smokey can be purchased at $60/500 ml with a 2 bottle maximum per person.  Find out more at

Our pictures today are from our Colorado visit.

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