Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Atheism at Christmas

How to Celebrate Christmas if you're nonreligious
Atheists can take part in the occasion,too!

This article comes from - it has many of these articles that assert you can have decorations, gift-giving, Christmas shopping and more without considering or engaging in any religious aspects.  "Secular decoration options are abundant..."  This would be this website's highest traffic during this season.  This isn't a topic I've wondered about except at Christmas.  The site has many interesting article titles:
What Does a Nontheist Believe?
Is Atheism Even an "Ism?"
What is a Practical Atheist?
Are there Any Atheistic Religions?

This last article asks if there is a Hindui atheism, Buddhist atheism, Confucian, Taoist atheism, etc?  Take the example of Buddhism - the article says that Buddhism does not promote or actively reject the existence of a greater god.  A Buddhist can be a theist or an atheist.  Atheism is considered compatible within numerous religions.  

Back to Atheists at Christmas:  A Washington Post article by R. Elisabeth Cornwell in 2012 begins: "When people find out I’m an atheist, the question often comes up about what I do during the Christmas holidays. There is an assumption that atheists don’t ‘do Christmas,’ so they are surprised when I say how much I love it."  The article also describe the origins of many of the Christmas traditions as pre-dating Christianity.  My question is: How did people find out she's an Atheist - it sounds inevitable - "when" people find out.  That seems to be a story worth pursuing.

And how religious is Christmas?  Pew Research polls show that it's fairly close - 51% celebrate more of a religious holiday, 32% more of a cultural, and 9% both/other. Another Pew Study says that about a third of Jews, three-quarters of Hindus and Buddhists, and 87 percent of people who identify as nonreligious. Overall, about half of Americans see it as a “religious” holiday, while a third say it’s a “cultural” one.  

So we can pursue this endlessly, like the road below, or treat it chase the fox with the Ladew topiary hounds.

Here are two of the Daily Post's "funniest festive jokes for 2017" :

Why was Theresa May sacked as Nativity Manager? She couldn’t run a stable government

Why did Donald Trump continuously decorate the Christmas tree? Because people kept saying ‘moron’ to him 

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