Tuesday, November 21, 2017

From Major to Minor

We've completed Children's Day and move on to adults.  We go from the minors to the majors with the expression "age of majority".

"The age of majority is a legally fixed age and idea of adulthood which is different in different places.  It may not match the actual maturity of a person's body or mind.  The age of majority is 18 in the vast majority of jurisdictions, but ages as low as 15 and as high as 21 exist in some".
~ Wikipedia

And from Duhaime's Law Dictionary:
"An age generally specified by statute, at which time, upon an individual is given the full gamut of legal rights and responsibilities generally available to an adult of sound mind".

There seem to be a number of definitions and uses of the terms major and minor. There are minor and the major leagues in baseball. Association football (soccer) also has this distinction and terminology.  Minor leagues in North America are professional sports leagues which are not regarded as the premier leagues in those sports. Most have minor teams but don't refer to their professional league as 'major'.  In sports, the ideal path is to go from minor to major.  Someone could get demoted and end up in the minors after a career in the majors.

In music, though, major and minor have more flexibility. We definitely can go from major to minor.  We go from the brighter, cheerier sound, to the minor scale with its darker, sadder sound.  We can turn major key songs into minor key songs and vice versa.  We can swing back and forth in one song.  Much more flexibility in music than there is in sports or legal definitions of age.

Our pictures today are made with Flaming Pear's India Ink and Flood filters.  I had them a few years ago and forgot to replace them with my latest computer.  What a delight to find them again.


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