Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What has no surface?

I have 2 sales sites - Redbubble and Fine Art America.  You can purchase a diverse range of products on these sites.  There are traditional art prints in paper, canvas, and metal, and then a series of home-based products such as pillows, duvet covers, and more such as clothing.  There are new products with high quality printing coming out all the time.

One of the things I enjoy at Redbubble is hosting a few groups.  They are based on themes - gardens, flowers, Canadian artists, etc.

The group Surfaces and Textures has an abstract theme - it is 'about' the surface and texture of things around us, with the focus of the image the surface itself.  Today's pictures are the surfaces of wood trunks found in Santa Fe.  These are trees outside the range of our northern forests.

I realize we don't have images of air by itself.  It is the great invisible - gasses cannot form a free surface on their own. 
Can you imagine the thing that is all around us cannot be photographed except in the presence of a liquid or solid?  Images of air on the internet are ,pictures of the sky with clouds, the sun, sunset, etc. 

This will make a great challenge for the group - this contest functionality - where I set up a theme with a defined time for submission of entries, then voting on the entries, with a winner and top ten displayed at the end.   I'll keep you posted.

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