Monday, October 16, 2017

How Not to Dress on Halloween

School rules have already established that no 'terrorists' or 'pocahotties' will be allowed. Educational institutions in Toronto are releasing the 'no' list of costumes.  You can read advice on 'how not to be a jerk' this Halloween.  Security will screen costumes at college parties.

There are 14 offensive Halloween costumes in the article.  Included are eating disorder costume, adult flasher costume, homeless person, the twin towers in flames, black face, and don't forget the 'adult fat stripper piggyback costume' which is new for 2017.

Good Housekeeping somehow omitted the 15th most offensive costume.  Huffington Post asks why would you dress up as Donald Trump - 'a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther for Halloween?'

What would make the news outlets - CNN, CBC, Huffington Post - and more give so much advice? These news organizations cover the news and that includes the newsworthy offensive Halloween costumes every year.The offensive costumes make the news because they are worn by Hollywood celebrities.  All of the above have been worn by celebrities - terrorist, eskimo, black face, Cecil the Lion, deceased football coach, sexy Indian, sexy Japanese geisha, and so on.  

Our pictures today are from Santa Fe's street curbs with their different colours for parking and stopping, etc.  

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