Monday, October 30, 2017

A Truth Table Day

I find out that Einstein created a series of riddles.  What is interesting is that in Einstein's time he considered only 2% would solve the riddle below.  In our time the creation of a logic grid (like a truth table) to manage boolean logic is common. Basic boolean logic dominated computer and information management disciplines by the 1970's.  Computer spreadsheets in the 1980's made possible the analysis and display of row and column data. It made complicated oral descriptions simple.  In fact, it seems to me that we completed the move from the oral tradition to the visual tradition with computer spreadsheets.  

The Einstein riddle comes from

"It is said that this quiz was made up by the famous physicist and according to him 98% will not solve it.

There is a row of five different color houses. Each house is occupied by a man of different nationality. Each man has a different pet, prefers a different drink, and smokes different brand of cigarettes.
  1. The Brit lives in the Red house.
  2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
  3. The Dane drinks tea.
  4. The Green house is next to the White house, on the left.
  5. The owner of the Green house drinks coffee.
  6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
  7. The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
  8. The man living in the centre house drinks milk.
  9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
  10. The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
  11. The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
  12. The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
  13. The German smokes Prince.
  14. The Norwegian lives next to the Blue house.
  15. The man who smokes Blends has a neighbour who drinks water.
Who has fish at home? Are you one of the 2%?

neighbors - einstein riddle solution
Further Discussion"

Let's complete our 'truth table' with its metadata row along the top:  Occupant nationality, House colour, Cigarette brand, Drink type, Pet type.

Our garden pictures today come from the Denver Botanical Garden, so I guess our first picture would be titled Botanical Bunny.

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