Thursday, September 7, 2017

Spiders In the News

There are a lot of holes in the ground in Colorado and someone lives there.  We were warned about rattlesnakes as well.

We have far less to worry about here - black widow, yellow sac and brown recluse spiders are our worries, and black widows are very seldom seen.

We do see lots of spiders, though. There are 39 species found in Ontario at the www.spiders.uswebsite.  There seem to be jumping, crab, fishing, and spitting spiders. There's even an Ant Mimic Spider.  I was wondering about dock spiders - a large spider that lives on docks in cottage country.  They are considered a fishing spider - the site tells us they can swim above and below water, catch fish and walk on water. 

There are a few videos of spiders on news cameras during the weather report  - you can see them here.

Today we're looking at one of the water lily gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens along with a Koi abstract image.

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