Monday, June 12, 2017

Where's Edna?

I guessed it - Edna is on the list of the most unpopular names.  The list comes from the website  
1. Cilla7. Mildred13. Gail19. Edmund
2. Bertha8. Dorothy   14. Karen20. Gus
3. Cynthia    9. Edna15. Ian21. Roger
4. Janice10. Bonnie  16. Frank22. Bertram   
5. Anita11. Cindy17. Clarence23. Clive
6. Marcia12. Donna18. Ricky 24. Ronald

Mental floss went on a search and found the U.S. Social Security website lists the top 1000 boy and girl names for each year from 1880 onward.  The Mental Floss article listed 106 of the least popular baby names in American History. Names like Commodore, Spurgeon, Found, Bliss, Starling, Little - for boys.  And for girls - Icy, Easter, Ova, Sister, Tiny, and Cuba.  

For 1908 the article lists boy's name Lillian, and the girl's name Lilyan.  It seems to me we've always made up interesting names.

This beautiful branch of a Sago palm was at one of the residences on the Shaw Guild Garden Tour on the weekend. 

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