Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Many Questions!

Google covers the top trending searches.  For example, the number one searched-for animal is Giraffe, then Brahma chicken. 

"The most Googled "What is..." and "How to..." questions of 2016 both revolved around one thing: Pokémon Go."

I found the website covering the World's Most Popular Questions -  Martin Kryzwinski, science art, staff scientist, Bioinformatics, Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver.  He is willing to take them all on:
"Even before we explored outside our caves, mankind has been plagued by unanswerable questions.
How do I heal a broken heart?
Why do I never see baby pigeons?
I don't understand how Lost ended."
In the section Examples, he lists these questions as  General Issues:
How could I ask for more?
How do people do extreme couponing?
How can I sell my soul?
Who can I sue?
Why can't I hold all these limes?
Why can't I sell my kidney?
Why don't people like me?
Why do people hear voices in their head?
Why do I always feel like murdering everyone?
Why do I never see baby pigeons?
I don't understand how Lost ended.
I don't understand where I went wrong.

One might want to click on these questions to see what the answers are.  Alas, they don't have links. There's enough on his website to keep one busy, though.  

These pictures come from a farm burn pile beside the road on the escarpment.

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