Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sinking - How Big is the Hole Today?

Each day I do a search on news today and the headline "How Big is the Hole Today" came and went in a flash, followed by different news headlines.

I went in search of it.  It was yesterday's news about a sinkhole in Glace Bay, N.S. that is getting bigger every day.  You can see the picture here The article concluded with: 
"The owners of the property say the safety of their tenants is their top priority. They added that they plan to hire an expert to get to the bottom of the problem.
A fence is currently in place to keep people from stumbling into the apparent abyss."  Here's the headline:

Apartment residents have sinking feeling they live above bootleg mine ...

The biggest sinkhole ever?

Qattara Depression. The vast Qattara west of Cairo, Egypt is the largest natural sinkhole in the world, measuring 80km long by 120km wide. This dangerous, sludge-filled quicksand pit is unearthly in its appearance and shocking in its size.Aug 26, 2008

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