Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Golden Bone Stories

We are on a golden path - I don't know what the dog fountain's name is.  I've named it "The Golden Bone".

People have had a lot of fun with this - there are many retrievals in google for the 'golden bone'.  I enjoyed the video title "Cue the music as Indiana 'Bones' rescues the Golden Bone.  Indiana Bones - Raiders of the Lost Bark.

There is a Super Why Wooster's Journey To The Golden Bone.  Golden Bone Awards pop up in various places - the Strut Your Mutt charity drive in LA raised over $52,000 for pet rescue.  

This title - "Academy Throws Golden Bone to World's Second Highest-Paid Actor." In 2016 Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar.

Another great title - BarkBox Golden Bone Contest - BarkPost.

Our pictures are the beginning and closing views of the CN Tower in Toronto earlier this week.

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