Sunday, April 23, 2017

Boris Says Google Me

Last week was a volunteer appreciation dinner for Community Living, where I am on the Foundation Board and a volunteer for the Festival of Arts June 3rd.  We were entertained by Boris the Hypnotist.  He has his own Wikipedia entry here.  He is originally from Moscow and now a Canadian with the occupation:
  • Hypnotist Comedian 
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Psychological Illusionist/Metalist/Motivational
He is credited with the term 'google me' (2011).   His book You Can Do Anything motivates the reader to success and laughter while making dreams a reality.  

We had an enjoyable time with Boris, in which he started with eight participants, of which two were hypnotized within a few minutes.  The rest were sent off the stage - I guess too much time and work effort - one could see their struggle with the process.

The remaining two got to go on the beach in California, row canoes in Colorado - while leading a crew of Japanese, then Spanish, then, Swedish crew members.  They tried to avoid going over Niagara Falls in all languages too.  They were hypnotized to not be able to say six.  They they were put on a game show where the winning answer for $1 million dollars was 'six'.  At one point, our contestant, knowing the answer and unable to speak it, said 5 plus 1, and then 7 - 1 - creative work-arounds.  Truly one of those bad dream moments:  
Boris has a great awareness of our universal dreams and nightmares, and our sense of enjoying the best and worst of things.  Thanks to Boris.

We're looking at my interpretive images of boston ivy from last week in Toronto. This is at the Toronto Tennis Club.

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