Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rainy Train February Day

There was an article in the Globe and Mail a few weeks back that basically said our big internet search engines like Google are now the Big Brother of our times.
I experience this each day. Every search I do gets some later play on my screen.  Today there is "Shocking Horoscope" news that is so accurate it's scary.  

I do wonder what I did to get Dating Russian Women and Weather in Tel Aviv.  What will happen tomorrow as I've gone to the website.  Most of the headlines have the pattern of OMG!  

Here are two for today that intrigue me:
OMG! Pope Comments On 'Double Life' Catholics
Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism 

These turn out to be real stories - the Pope headline comes from USA Today. The Bill Gates headline  comes from Forbes 6 days ago.

We're experiencing spring weather in Grimsby.  I say a Red-Wing Blackbird yesterday, and heard Tundra Swans flying overhead in the fog.  Dezi and I listened and looked as they flew overhead.  We didn't know these soft calling sounds and could barely see the shapes.  Dezi looked up and looked at me, then looked up again.

We have it easy today.  It is the end of February and our temperatures are March temperatures. I have volunteered for The Coldest Night, a  fundraiser for Affordable Housing in Niagara.  It will take place in 12 degree weather with a little rain and fog.

Our pictures today show layouts and models from the Augusta, Maine show last year. 

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