Friday, February 17, 2017

It's Your Birthday Today

This is a call out to send Gerry a Birthday Wish today! We highlight Dezi's thoughts on his birthday in our photo card.  Our newspapers offer happy birthday advice via the Horoscope Columns.

The question comes to mind:  Why does almost every newspaper have a daily/weekly horoscope but not a science page?  I wonder what it tells about the society as a collective.  There is a simple answer in this article in the

Chris French, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths University, who specialises in belief in the paranormal, is entirely sceptical about horoscopes – though he'll flick to his star sign in newspapers. "I do it for the same reason that half the population do: for entertainment," he explains. 

So here's our entertainment from the Globe's:
The message of your birthday chart this year is that you must focus only on those things that are of genuine importance. What is the long-term goal that means the most to you emotionally? Only do those things that take you at least one step closer to it.

Here is the Toronto Star's:
This year you might feel that if you detach and try to understand where others are coming from, you will be able to make a difference — not only in their lives, but also in yours. You are likely to gain professional clout as a result. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone of significance before winter 2017. This person will walk into your life without you having to make any kind of effort. If you are attached, share more of what is going on with your significant other. You might hit a misunderstanding or two, but the two of you will be able to work them out. SCORPIO admires your ability to get along with others.

This comes from
Your gains and losses are of your own making at this time. Many of us like to be in control–this is the time for you to achieve control. You may receive an offer that most cannot refuse, but you will be wise to refuse any hard-to-believe-it’s-true type of offers. Your peace of mind comes when bills are paid–among other things. Do everything in your power to work out a plan of payment with all your debts. Instead of purchases, invest in yourself through savings. Take care of business now as you crave organization and expediency and you want to get things accomplished. You join friends after work today for a bit of celebration. At home, there are more celebrations, perhaps a lot–go with the flow. Happy birthday!


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