Monday, February 27, 2017

And the Winner...

My inbox tells me that Michael's, the craft store, is SLIME headquarters and that Spring camp is next weekend.

We just finished the Coldest Night fund-raiser on Saturday.  Winter and Spring are overlapping somehow.  Perhaps it is the anticipation of Spring that has us starting early.  The real break in Ontario is the middle of March - the 13th to the 17th.  

I missed seeing the Oscars mix-up for the best picture award last night, with the 'winners' in progress of accepting the Oscar before the correction was made and the declaration that they had lost.  An exciting event in the Oscars that will replay thousands of times, like Jimmy Kimmel's famous tweet to Donald Trump.

 We're looking at pictures from yesterday's Royal Botanical Garden's Orchid Society Show.  Spectacular specimens from all over Ontario in displays that showcase these beautiful and complicated plants.  What a lot of camera equipment - the macro ring light was hugely popular, and I could see why.  One can bring it close to the flowers, correct the light temperature, and have even light on the flower.

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