Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This is the Compliment Day

This is National Compliment Day, an unofficial holiday. Kathy Chamberlin of Hopkinton, NH and Debby Hoffman of Concord, NH created National Compliment Day in 1998.

It is not World Compliment Day - that is proposed for March 1st in the Netherlands where they propose to create the "Most Positive Day in the World."

Do we know the top compliments?  Do we have them ready for today, the big occasion? Here is a refresher with the 15 compliments.  This comes from lifehack.org

1. You are nothing less than special.

2. You are one of a kind.

3. You always make people smile.
4. You are always there for me.
5. You always see the bright side (of things).

6. You would make/you are a beautiful mother/father.

7. You always throw a great party.

8. You are the best friend/ mother/ father/ wife/ husband/ partner anyone could ask for.

9. You never cease to amaze me (spoken in a positive light).

10. You set such a great example for others.
11. You raise the bar.
12. You always go the extra mile.
13. You are always willing to lend a hand.
14. You walk the talk.
15. You have a heart of gold.
These model layouts come from the Pasadena conference in 2013.

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