Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa's All Done

Pictures of Christmas Day from around the world are a revelation of the diversity of our climates -  Australia's beach images are the funniest - there's Santa on the beach, reindeer on the beach, Christmas trees on the beach - it is all about the beach.  

Following Santa on the Santa Tracker, he was on his way through Hawaii, having delivered 7,056,276,203 gifts.  Now he's "locked" on Google, and the Norad site has gifts delivered as static information, so maybe he's finished his trip this year.  

How much does it cost to be Santa Claus?  The Huffington Post has the answers.  It says something like $24.3 billion to make the toys, plus $683 million to deliver them.

Some of the cute facts about Santa include that he was born in 270 AD and it is the magic of Christmas that keeps him alive and well. And it is his Christmas magic that makes the reindeer fly.  
So what does Santa do when Christmas is over?  First he takes a short vacation with Mrs. Claus at the North Pole then he gets right back to work.  Preparing his good boys and girls list and his naughty girls and boys list.  He also starts getting toys ready for next Christmas.  So remember to always be good because you never know when Santa’s watching.

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