Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting the Fake News

The ads that appear all over our internet displays often contain news of some celebrity's death.  This week I saw a news article that Trump's wife was filing for divorce and didn't have plans to be the first lady.  This was a fake news story - with a "fake news notice" on the story.  

A site has indicated that Facebook is testing fake news flags.  The warning is  "this website is not a reliable news source.  Reason:  Classification Pending".

According to BBC Trending, the problem of fake news has become significant in the U.S. The current circulating fake news story is Pizzagate.   This is a false news story that claims there is a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant named Comet Ping Pong.

Fake news is being covered broadly by the press right now.  The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Onion, BBC, and RollingStone have articles within the last few days. The RollingStone article - How a Fake Newsman Accidentally Helped Trump Win the White House- is compelling.  This is about a Pheonix fake newsman.  He is  the perpetrator of the story on gang-rape parties in India - an internationally famous fake news story. He makes his living from the ad revenue.

A site to check out is Fake News Watch with their listing of fake websites, satire websites, and clickbait websites.  The names of clickbait sites are themselves a revelation. Here are a few:

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