Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best of Youtube

The most famous youtube video of all time so far is  "Gangman Stuyle" by Psy with over 2.7 billion views as of December 2016.  He's the pudgy South Korean pop singer whose "amusing" dance moves have become a style of their own. I think that amusing might be a code word for silly at times and overtly sexually at others.  It does seem to be funny and fun - it has horse galloping and rope spinning moves that are very catchy.

Here's the official "PSY-Gangnam Stylel"

If you want to see the Top 10 of Everything of 2016, then head over to Time Magazine's 2016 Rundown.  There are lists for entertainment, technology and pop culture.   

What if you just want to know what the "Top Ten Everything" is, then is full of strange and interesting stuff.  I enjoyed the list of 10 totally bizarre holes in the earth.

For a bit of relaxation, here is the New York Port's Yule Log available till the end of the year.

Our Year in Pictures continues with some favourites from Nature's Details and Nature's Impressions.

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