Friday, November 25, 2016

Shopping for humans, designed by robots

My Redbubble site has 20% off everything with the BLKFRIDAY code. There are many products available now, including scarves, pillow cases, and even clocks, so take a look. If something isn't available in the product you want, send me an email and I'll update the image.  Redbubble has been developing new products at an incredible rate.

Something I notice is that Black Friday has 'taken over the world'.  One of the British gardening blogs had a review of Black Friday deals for gardeners.  So of course I did a search on Black Friday Shopping around the world and found the Shopbot Black Friday site.  The banner at the top says - Shopping for humans.  Designed by Robots - and explains:  "It seems countries all over the world are getting ready for this year’s Black Friday shopping season, which means it could possibly be the largest event in the history of shopping."  Covered on the site are: France, Brazil, Canada, Asia, Pakistan, etc

Our pictures today are on a simpler topic from earlier times.  It is Grimsby's Fantasy of Trees decorations day.  This is a festival celebrating Christmas trees sponsored and decorated by Grimsby businesses and individuals.  The trees are raffled, with the proceeds going to local charities.  I'm on the organizing committee and it has been an easy sell to get the 40 trees sponsored, and to get silent auction and raffle items.  Trees are decorated in themes - one of the highlights is the Historical Society theme of Grimsby restaurants from years gone by.  

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