Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kazoos Fight Back

Perhaps there is mirth, or myth in an assertion like this:

"Owning a state-of-the-art CD player is pointless if you use it only to listen to polkas played by a kazoo ensemble."

- T.H. Davenport and L.Prusak in "What do we talk about when we talk about knowledge?"

Hamilton, Ontario tried to make the Guinness Book of Records for the largest kazoo ensemble.  They gathered together 4,000 players in 2012, but that was less than the record holders.  The record was set at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, with 5,190 people in the ensemble and was achieved March 14, 2011.

Did they play a polka? No indication of the music is given. However, one attempt to make the record is shown on youtube here and they are playing "Take me out to the ball game."  I didn't find a video of the record- holders. 

Of course, one of our favourite sources mental has a full article about kazoo history.  There are numerous clips to watch and listen to. In recent history, the Beatles used kazoos in "Lovely Rita" and Jimi Hendrix used the kazoo in "Crosstown Traffic." 

We are still left in the unknown - is there kazoo ensemble polka music to listen to?  Will we find it in time for Christmas?  Perhaps in the vaults of Amazon...

Today in pictures we're at Strasburg, PA, on the railroad in the yard. 

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