Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Which Grimsby?

What is one difference between Grimsby England and Grimsby Canada?  I did a search of "grimsby canada vs grimsby england' and what a contrast of pictures. As I did more research, I found out that according to the Grimsby Telegraph, Grimsby England was voted the worst place to live in England in 2016.  The voting for Grimsby went viral on Facebook and it had more votes than all the other places combined. 
Describing his recent visit to Grimsby, shortlist writer Sam Rowe said: "With no cinema or recognisable restaurant to speak of, the town is stuffed into a corner of the country... with high levels of drug use, crime and unemployment, it seems you're either visiting Grimsby for a specific reason or not going at all.  "Most choose the latter."
Residents are described as 'chavs' - "a pejorative epithet used in Britain to describe a particular stereotype."
The Oxford English Dictionary defines "chav" as an informal British derogatory, meaning "a young lower-class person who displays brash and loutish behaviour and wears real or imitation designer clothes".The derivative chavette has been used to refer to females, and the adjectives "chavish" and "chavtastic" have been used in relation to items designed for or suitable for use by chavs. 
Today's photo is an abstract of a sprawling blue sculpture on the street in the Entertainment District in Toronto. 

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