Sunday, October 30, 2016

More Marvelling

This is the time of year when we think of leaves.  We don't much think about them in the summer - they're green like most of nature, they're on the trees and plants around us, so are ordinary.  In the Fall, they start their downward journey. We see them underneath our feet on a path, in a stream, bunched in doorways where the wind puts them.  They interrupt our view of normal things.

I didn't notice the underside of these coleus leaves until last week, when I took some cuttings to start plants for next year.  The upper-side is deep red-black and a perfect foil for chartreuse in the planter display.  I didn't realize the same drama was on the underside of the leaves themselves.  It is one of those marvels. 

Go to Google today to play their 'defeat the ghost game'.   I wonder what they do with the statistics.  Here's a site that shows some of the amazing Google numbers - 2 trillion searches annually seems amazing to me.

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