Friday, October 28, 2016

Did You Stop?

“Pedestrians are considered traffic,” writes Ontario Ministry of Transportation spokesman Ajay Woozageer. 

That was a most interesting statement - it seems to have two messages - 'pay attention drivers', and then 'look out pedestrians.'  The statement was made in response to a Globe and Mail question and answer article on whether cars should (are required to) yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk.  

What I so enjoyed about the Toronto Islands was the lack of crosswalks - there are no cars on the Islands.  And in Grimsby Beach where the Painted Ladies are, the streets are 'lanes' so narrow they are effectively one-way streets in whichever direction the car is going.  

Today's pictures again showcase TBG's Wilket Creek.  I was at Grimsby Beach yesterday, and wished for the golds and oranges to reflect in Forty Creek.  But alas, there aren't any Autumn colour reflections so far.

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