Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Big Maine Feast

Maine seemed to have its own traffic jams, and here's one on Route 1 that seemed never-ending and always present.  We knew as as we were standing in the one-hour line for a Red's Eats lobster roll at $23.00 U.S. each.  

The Red's Eats website calls this a 'restaurant'.  I don't want to sound mean, but this looks like a lobster shack to me  - typical throughout Maine - order and pick up at the window.  Mostly fried food format with patio and picnic tables for eating.

However, this one is famous (there are lists of all the famous people who have eaten here).  It claims to have the best lobster roll in America, and those in line were in agreement even before eating the lobster rolls. So this is definitely worth the experience.

There's a picture of our personal lobster (it is a whole lobster in there) roll at the bottom - a load of truly fresh and beautifully cooked lobster - enough for the two of us to share.  Red's calls it "the overflowing mound of sweet, chunky meat in a buttery, grilled cradle."

Here's what makes a lobster roll beloved:
“A whole lobster required concentrated effort to eat, but a lobster roll is trouble-free. It is the simplest sandwich, basically lobster meat surrounded by bread. The best lobster roll on earth is served at an extremely humble shack known as Red’s Eats. Red’s primacy is a legend among lobster lovers, who flock to it in such numbers (summer only), the wait in line can be up to an hour.”
Michael Stern, USA Today.

Have you had a 'great eat' experience?  Let me know what it is.

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