Thursday, September 1, 2016

That's It - September is here...

That's it - September has entered our vocabulary and so we slide into the Autumn leaves, back to school, cold snaps in the weather, shorter days.  

Yesterday's walk down Yonge Street and west along Bloor reveals a changing landscape - significant changes.  Yonge and Bloor's new building on the southeast side looks interesting and unusual. I was happy to see that it will be a landmark building. The southwest side where Stollery's was is also under development - only a hole there.  

I had to take this first picture of the sidewalk along Bloor with all the markings on it.  The sidewalk was renovated about 7 years ago into an exclusive black granite sidewalk with gorgeous plantings along the street.  So we can see they've painted on the granite.  Yikes.  I expect the BIA will have it sandblasted off afterwards. When I would exit the subway in the morning, these sidewalks were being hosed down every day in the summer.

And the next image is the Bay subway entrance at Yorkville.  It is now is only Presto entry, so my ticket wouldn't work.  This location is a moment of  abstract architecture, so always worth checking out each time I am there.  I could hear music up above - a Jazz trio playing for the lunch time crowd.

A city walk demonstrates what makes Toronto so vibrant and exciting. 

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