Saturday, August 6, 2016

Next Up - An Olympic 2 weeks

Here we are with the famous sports event.  What is Olympic?

"of or relating to the ancient city of Olympia or the Olympic Games."
"an Olympic champion"

I was just reading about "Olympic Sponsors" and the Rule 40:
"For the money these brands pay, they are allowed to use trademarked Olympic terms, phrases, and images in their advertising. But for companies that are not official Olympic partners, certain phrases are banned, like “Olympic,” “Rio,” “Gold,” or “Games,” for example.
During a blackout period between July 27 and August 24, these non-Olympic sponsors, some of which may support athletes at the Games, also may not wish these individuals luck or congratulations on social media or in other marketing collateral."

So let's see what happens with Rule 40 and social media this time around.

Are there any plants in the salt water tanks below?  No - these are all animals. This hammerhead coral would have thousands of tiny animals (polyps).

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