Monday, August 15, 2016

Levelling Prudhommes

It has been a hot and humid August so far, and on Saturday, the camera gave evidence to the humidity with perpetual fogging of the camera lens, creating the blurred and hazy image of the garden.

The next image is much clearer and some people may recognize it as Prudhomme's, a past luxury inn complex.  It has been abandoned for more than a decade, and was slated for development. It is now fenced off and partly demolished because of a recent fire. However, the demolition work has stopped - it was to be completed in July.  And there's no further news.  We're looking forward to the development that will bring back this large area to active living.   It will include waterfront trails and access to the Lake, offering more views to the east to  Port Dalhousie and across to Toronto.

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