Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fall Stuff

When I think of the expression "Fall is just around the corner", Halloween does not immediately come to my mind.  But the Dollarama has cleared out the garden stuff for Halloween stuff, and Shoppers Drug Mart has Halloween stuff on the shelves too.

So what might be the "stuff of Fall"?  It seems to be apple picking, leaf raking, corn mazing, football, etc.

There's an article that offers 10 things to do this Fall in Toronto and the first is to go to a cat cafe:

"A warm cup of coffee can only be enhanced by a furry friend sitting atop your lap. But for those without cats, or those who can’t get enough cats, the first cat café in the city finally gives you this little slice of tranquility. The cats of TOT the Cat Café, supplied by the Toronto Humane Society, are not only charming companions with your beverage, but if you’re especially taken with one, you can adopt it and take it home with you."

There are some things one couldn't have thought of at all.  I saw something for August that the train lovers might enjoy.  We can go to Roundhouse Park in Toronto and take the train ride.  See more about it here.

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