Saturday, August 20, 2016

Are you aging?

There were birthdays this week at exercise class. Janet turned 79 and says she doesn't feel that old, so I asked her how old she feels.  Her answer:  Feels like 35.  I responded that I feel older than Janet - that was thirty years ago for me - a different time in society, in my activities and work, and in my interests.

So I wondered:  make a chart that has rows and columns.  Put the decades along the top row (Age 10,20,30,40,50,60, etc), and the major life areas and interests along the left column, then fill in the cells. What would be the same and what would be different over the decades? Or could we take an age test that showed similarities and differences between age groups and find our place?

You can take 'age tests' - here's one: Age Test - a caution that the tests don't explain the results.

Here's a Guardian article asking people what age they feel they are in How old do you feel?

And there is research being done in the area at the website Changing Age.

For today's picture's we are looking at my conservatory in the garden. I took some video pictures of my gardens yesterday so that when I redo things in the fall and spring, I know what's where for moving, etc.

I realized that I had forgotten to photograph the garden on tour days this summer - it was so busy and so many tours - so many times I've forgotten.  I realized this when I went to show the hydrangeas at the greenhouse in July compared to yesterday. All the blooms are finished except for two pink ones. They still look lovely with their lime green floppy heads.

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