Sunday, August 28, 2016

Are the trains on schedule?

The Sundance and Dolly Vardon Layouts are now in Florida in a permanent site, so we won't see this at the convention in Augusta, Maine September 7 - 10.

This is a great part of the U.S. to visit for cuisine. Maine is very proud of its lobster rolls and crab cakes.  There will be many lobster roll signs at casual restaurants as the peak season is in late summer. The Maine Sea Grant site says they are caught and put in enclosed pounds in Maine bays, so they can be shipped in winter.  The crab season is year-round with two types of crab - rock crabs and Jonah crabs.  So we can expect unlimited crab cakes on the menus too. If this weren't enough of a specialty, this is where clam chowder comes from.  It was introduced as a common dish by the 1700s. Herman Melville described it in Moby Dick, his great novel. The chefs of the east coast seem to consider clam chowder a dish where their creativity is expressed, so there are great culinary experiences waiting for us.

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