Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Purpose of a Door

This is a house on the St. Catharines garden tour this Sunday. Is a door a critical element to a front garden?  Certainly the entry way is considered an essential element and its integration with the garden is important.  We're looking at a traditional style from the 1920's and the garden urns and walkway steps match the style wonderfully.  This type of house defines what is available in terms of doors and the immediate garden area.   

The benefit of the internet is being able to see all the creative doors around the world - here are doors that create their own context, that portray stories and that delight the senses:

25 of the Most Beautiful Doors Around the World - most of these doors are creative, artistic and captivating.

10 beautiful doors in Paris provides proof that Paris is an amazing city to visit.

Keep an eye out for a beautiful door as you make your way along the streets where you live.

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