Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada's Birthday is Canada's Anniversary

Here we are on the 149th anniversary/birthday of Canada.  What makes it an anniversary of confederation rather than the marking of the birth of Canada? The Huffington Post calls it Canada's 150th Birthday with a series of articles on the plans and activities here.  The official website is here and calls it the anniversary of Confederation. 

Wikipedia is always so instructional and it lists sovereign states by date of formation (date of their independence or of their constitution).  We have such a stable country that we don't think that there are states that have disputed sovereignty or are former sovereign states or have limited recognition.  And there are proposed states as well.  I didn't even realize that there are micronations.  So here's the link for that interesting information.

So enjoy our celebration day -  appreciate the security and freedom that we experience here. Show the red and white colours of our flag.

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