Thursday, April 7, 2016

Canoeing in Toronto

Lunch at Canoe.  This is a highlight of being so close to Toronto.  We'd been to a few restaurants in the last few weeks - celebrating Canada Blooms at Merlot in our west-end neighbourhood, then to The Good Earth last week, and finally Canoe yesterday.

Canoe has never disappointed and always amazed us beyond our imagination.  Yesterday's meal was a wonder of culinary creativity and complexity.  T

We particularly like to sit at the 'chef's table' - the counter that overlooks the kitchen.  We watch as appetizers are composed and we guess which ones they are.  Our lunch chef came over and talked with us.  We are interested in their sources of the ingredients - the special crab and salmon from sources in New Brunswick, the purple potatoes from an Ontario farm.  And then there are the processes - the purple potatoes were slightly smoked then cooked, and the salmon was maple-syrup smoked/cured.

During our lunch, we found out the benefits of Canoe being located on the top floor of the TD Bank Tower.  They had TD Bank name badges on and were wearing old-fashioned waiter uniforms.  They gave the TD executives' orders to the chefs, then came over and had a chat with us. 

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