Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Hear Music...Mighty Fine Music

Wake Up on the Bright Side

The question has come up of what do I miss about Toronto.  As I walked down James Street in St. Catharines, a young man was busking on his fiddle. 

I realize how many musicians there are on Toronto streets and in the subway.  Music make it a vibrant place.

Remember the fellow dressed in the horizontally-striped prison outfit who liked to play at the Bay Street subway walkway?  (no pictures of him as he always refused) Or the bagpipe player at Queen and University (I have pictures of him and what a loud sound).  There was Carl at the St. Lawrence Market  who played requests and would have me sing along (I bought his CD).  And the guitar player outside our LCBO with his little dog, whose portrait I took.  There's always some music resonating up the stairs at the Yonge and Bloom subway platform.  Music makes for a lively community.

Many years ago we heard Justin Bieber busking at Stratford a few times.  Our friends Rick and Vicki are musicians and we all commented on how terrible he sounded.  Out of key and a whining singing voice.  We realized his identity years later when he was famous.  We had to laugh at the success of practising in public. 

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